Figure: The producers for our regional food

The producers for our regional food

"Preservation through consumption": Our motto characterises our overall orientation.

Our responsible partners - farmers and growers - from the region pay attention to species-appropriate upbringing, a controlled animal husbandry, local feed without additives, gentle transport and stress-free slaughter of the animals.

The Murnau-Werdenfelser Association undertakes the complete marketing of the meat of Murnau-Werdenfels cattle.

Arche­Hof Schlick­en­rieder

Murnau-Werdenfelser cattle and brown mountain sheep

On the Arche-Hof farm in Otterfing, 70 hectares of land are farmed full-time according to the guidelines of organic farming. The Arche-Hof, with its operators Anja and Georg Schlickenrieder, is a member of the "Naturland Association of Organic Farming" since 1998. More...

Farmers from the region

Fleckvieh Rind

All Fleckvieh cattle come exclusively from farmers from Mies­bach, Traun­stein and Weilheim. The seal of approval "BayernOx" - an initiative of committed local residents of Munich - stands for strictly controlled, high-quality, regional and healthy meat enjoyment.

Hunter Karl Schmid

Vension (Seasonal in our daily menue)

Vension from the region around Bad Tölzer Land or Sylvenstein.

Mountain Sheeps from Ohlstadt

White and spotted mountain sheeps (Seasonal in our daily menue)

Mountain Sheeps from from Ohlstadt, a municipality in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The slow breeding of the animals, their physical endurance in the terrain as well as the resistance to the extreme weather in the mountains characterize this breed.

Biohof Schwin­gen­stein

Chiemgauer Pork (Seasonal in our daily menue)

The animals live in large groups on extensive meadows and fields of the Biohof Schwingenstein. The feed is made from own cultivation - strictly according to the regulations of the association “Biokreis”. The meat is aromatic and unique in the taste by animal welfare and stress-free slaughtering.

Poultry farm Lugeder

Ducks and geese

The poultry farm of the Lugeder family is located in the district of Altötting. Three generations live and work in this family business. The ducks and geese can walk freely from the first day of life in the spacious stables of the poultry farm.

Fish farm Oberle

Aischgründer carp (Seasonal in our daily menue)

The carp is a typical specialty of the Aischgrund (protected geographical indication).

Fish farm Au­mühle, Isar­tal

Trout and char

In the heart of the Pupplinger Au, in the middle of one of the largest Bavarian land­scape pro­tection areas, Hans-Jürgen Bor­mann breeds domestic fish in his "Fisch­zucht Aumühle in the Isartal". The year-round low water temperature in its natural ponds with pure spring water is the guarantee for the high quality of trout, saibline and many other domestic fish. More...

Fisherman Andreas Streicher

Renken, Pike, Pike-perch und Perch

Fresh fish from Lake Ammersee are given by Fischer Andreas Streicher from Inning am Ammersee.

Natur­käserei Tegern­seer­Land eG

Various hay milk cheeses

Our various cheese types from the Tegernsee Natural Cheese Dairy have one thing in common: They are made with care for dairy craftsmanship, with skill, passion, and not least with respect for what nature gives us. Thus, the Tegernsee Natural Cheese Dairy uses exclusively fresh hay milk, natural rennet, cultures (e.g. lactic acid bacteria), sea salt, and – depending on the variety – some herbs and spices. More...

Asparagus farm Raba

Schroben­hausener Spargel (protected geographical indication)

We get our asparagus from the family Raba from Adelshausen in the asparagus area Schrobenhausen. The asparagus cultivation on this farm has been practiced since the 1960s ...

Burgis – in love with dumplings


Burgis supplies finest potatoes, which are awarded the quality seal "Geprüfte Qualität - Bayern". Proven quality from Bavaria, which you can rely on ...

Perger Säfte

Juice and elderflower syrup

Our quality juices from the Ammersee are delivered by Perger Juices. There are healthy, local juices of the highest quality from the district of Starnberg and the Five Lakes Region. The typical, natural flavour of Perger juices are produced without artificial flavours and additives. More...

Fürstl. Castell`­sches Domänen­amt


Top wines from one of the most prestigious winery.

Johann Guggen­bichler

Brandies and liqueurs

Liqueurs by Johann Guggenbichler, the brandy factory in Frasdorf. The precious fruit from which our brandies are produced ripen immersed in the nature of the Chiemgau Mountains. Only fully ripe and handpicked fruit meet our high quality standards. More...

Abbildung: Coca Cola - Gerolsteiner

Soft drinks

Further producers are currently being introduced.